Electric curtain, Automatic Curtain, Gisa Gostar

Electric Curtain

Electric Curtain These systems are usually used for curtain cloths that may be simple or curved.

Automatic Curtain

Automatic Curtain This curtain is comparable to the traditional flat curtain which gives you a much better sense of the interior and the beauty of the window.


About Us

  • Establishment of Gisa Gostar Trading Group and launch of sales and technical services for automatic doors | Electric Curtain | Automatic Curtain
  • 2011 Registration of Gisa Gostar Iranian Trading & Commercial Company Registration Number 43181 Expansion of activities and commissioning of assembly workshop 2012 Expansion of activities, installation of assembly workshops and wider presence in construction Projects Evaluation, research and research on the needs of the building industry in the field of energy saving products | Electric Curtain | Automatic Curtain
  • 2013 Increasing the variety of products offered with an emphasis on their attractiveness and innovation. Increasing new products such as slipknot, sling and automatic curtain systems, launching the company website | Electric curtain | Automatic curtain
  • 2014 Catalogs, Brochures and CDs for new products Launching the Show Room at the new office of the company (Imamate 14, 15) | Electric Curtain | Automatic Curtain
  • 2015 Improve the ability of the company in the field of automatic curtain systems by completing inventory inventory, adding automated systems such as automatic louvers, clamshell ceilings; revising and redesigning the company site | Electric Curtain | Automatic Curtain
  • 2016 Starting a redesign and updating of the company's site by providing a complete resume of projects to add new fittings such as hidden hubs, hidden hinges; increasing customers of Gisa Gostar, especially in the hotel industry | Electric Curtain | Automatic Curtain
  • 2017 Redesign of catalogs, activation in cyberspace: Instagram page, Aparate channel and website redesign (third revision)